Over 70 years of knowledge

FMM Sugarcraft is a well-known and trusted UK brand established for nearly 70 years. We have built our name in the Sugarcraft marketplace where our tools and equipment are renowned for their quality, innovation and durability. Many crafters are already using our tools and equipment for their projects, so we decided to develop a new brand FMM Funcraft to target this specific market with products ideally suited to the craft market.

99% of our products are manufactured in the UK. Whatever your project, whatever your need, many of the products are real tool kit essentials such as the modelling tools, dab-a-dust and firm foam former pad that will be used time and time again for craft projects.

About FMM

Why choose FMM Funcraft?

We have a fabulous range of cutters to make flowers and leaves, designs and shapes, tools and equipment, all perfect for use with air drying clay, and ideal for your home décor projects, art and design, card making and flower craft.

The cutters have smooth but sharp cutting edges that won’t drag or fray the clay. Each component can be used to create one project, or components can be used separately on various projects, giving the equipment a wide appeal. 

All of our products come with a lifetime guarantee offering you peace of mind in the knowledge that FMM Funcraft products are manufactured to last. And should you need to contact us we offer unrivalled customer service, and are always on hand to deal with questions and queries. 

We are working hard to ensure that our Funcraft range will grow and evolve over time and look forward to you joining us on our journey in to the world of clay craft.