Follow these step-by-step instructions to make these Cute Animal Shapes.

Please Note Roll sugarpaste/modelling paste to a 2mm thickness

Equipment you will need

  • FMM Geometric Cutter Set (medium circles, large and medium ovals)
  • FMM Small Heart cutter set
  • FMM Stars (Medium)
  • FMM Ridged Cone & Mini ball tool
  • FMM Flute and Veining tool
  • FMM Knife and Scriber tool
  • Edible Glue
  • Modelling paste (small amounts coloured yellow, orange, pink, black, red, brown and white)


To make the Chick (44mm circle, small heart cutter set)

  • Roll some yellow paste to and use the 44mm circle cutter to make the body and two of the bigger sized hearts for wings
  • Roll out some orange paste and cut 3 small hearts – two for feet and one for the beak.
  • Use a craft knife to make two small nicks at the top of the head to form feathers, a ball tool to make indents for the eyes and then roll small balls of black paste and fix them into place with edible glue.

To make the Bunny (44mm circle, small heart cutter set, large and medium oval)

  • Roll some brown paste and use the 44mm circle cutter to make the head and a large oval, which will form the ears.
  • Roll some pink paste out and cut a medium oval and a small heart.
  • Stick the pink oval on top of the brown one and then cut through the middle lengthways. Fold the tips outwards (see picture).
  • Roll out some white paste, cut out a larger heart and place it upside down near the bottom of the head, use a scriber tool to make indentations for whiskers and stick the small pink heart at the top for a nose.
  • Use the small ball tool to make indentations for eyes and use small balls of black paste to fill them before cutting a tiny square of white paste for the teeth

To make the Fish (large oval and small heart cutter set)

  • Roll out one large oval in pink paste followed by two large hearts and a small one out of purple paste.
  • Make scale indentations all over the oval using the top of the smallest heart cutter and use a small ball of black paste for the eye.
  • Use the bigger hearts for the fin and tail and the smaller heart for the mouth.

To make the Starfish (star cutter)

  • Cut out a star from yellow paste and pinch the points of the star to make them go in different directions (see picture). Then use the small ball tool to create indentations all over it, including two deep ones for the eyes.
  • Roll two small black balls to fill the eye indentations and use a knife or the end of a piping nozzle to create a little mouth.

To make the Lion (5 petal cutter, 34mm circle, small heart cutter set, veining tool)

  • Use the large 5 petal cutter to form the mane out of orange paste and the 34mm circle to cut a brown face.
  • Mix a pea size amount of black and brown to make a mottled colour and cut out a small heart for the nose. Use yellow mixed with brown to cut a larger heart and place this upside down at the bottom of the circle placing the smaller heart on top for the nose.
  • Make two indentations for eyes and, again, fill them with small balls of black paste and create hair on the mane using the veining tool to make wavy lines.

To make the Ladybird (44mm circle, small heart)

  • Cut two 44mm circles – one from red and one from black paste.
  • Cut off the top third of the red circle and score a line down the centre. Then place it on top of the black circle.
  • Cut out 3 small hearts from black paste and place 3 on each side of the red paste.
  • Make two indentations on the black circle and fill with small balls of white paste, with a dot of black place on them for pupils.