FMM Equipment you will need:

  • FMM Cute Car Cutter
  • FMM Fluffy Clouds Cutter
  • FMM Straight Frill 1 - 4
  • FMM Essential Shapes Tappits
  • FMM Multi - Ribbon Tool
  • FMM Dab-a-Dust
  • FMM Knife and Scriber Tool

Other Equipment you will need:

  • Non - Stick Mat & Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • Red, Blue Yellow, Green, Orange, Black & White Modelling Paste
  • Grey Fondant
  • Water & Paint Brush
  • 2 Tier Cake Covered in Light Blue Fondant
  • Cake board covered in grey fondant
  • 2 Lolly Sticks


  • Always read the project sheet in full before starting your cake!
  • To make modelling paste, add a little tylo to your fondant.
  • Allow the modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to the cake.
  • If the modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use the FMM Dab-a-Dust.


Cut out a grey strip of fondant to go around the base of the top tier of the cake. Attach with water and make sure the join is at the back of the cake. Cut out a grey strip of fondant and attach to the top of the cake with water.

Using the Straight Frill that resembles a grass edge, cut out strips of green modelling paste and stick to the bottom of the cake with water. (Refer to photograph of cake). Cut out a blue, red, yellow, green, orange and white car using your FMM Cute Car Cutter. Leave the white car to dry for 24hrs.

Cut out a blue, red, yellow, green, orange and white car using your FMM Cute Car Cutter. Leave the white car to dry for 24hrs.

Cut out 2 large circles of yellow, blue, white and red modelling paste. Cut out 4 large circles of orange modelling paste. Leave the red large circles to dry for 24hours.

Cut out 4 small blue circles of modelling paste and 2 yellow, orange, green and red circles of modelling paste. Leave the 2 blue small circles to dry for 24 hours.

Cut out 8 white FMM Fluffy Cloud shapes of your choice.

Cut out numbers 1 - 6 in black modelling paste and attach to the cars with water.

Starting on the bottom tier attach the red car to the cake with a little water. Stick 2 large blue circles with 2 small red circles in the centre to make the wheels. Place a yellow car to the left hand side and attach and an orange car to the right. Attach the blue and green cars on the top tier with water. Refer to photograph of cake for wheel colours to attach.

Attach the fluffy clouds above the cars with water. (Refer to photograph of cake).

Cut out thin strips of white modelling paste using the FMM Multi - Ribbon tool on the narrowest setting and cut into small pieces using the FMM Knife & Scriber tool. Attach to the grey fondant to look like road lines.

Cut out 10 squares of black fondant using the second smallest square with the FMM Essential Shapes Tappit. Roll out a strip of white fondant. Attach the first black square on the white modelling paste then attach a black square on each corner. Using the FMM Knife & Scriber tool cut out a square of the white modelling paste around the black squares to make a chequered flag. Attach to the lolly stick with water. Repeat this process again. Roll 2 balls of red paste and attach 1 to the top of each flag pole.

Once the white car is completely dry stand it on the cake. Support it with your hand and place the flags in to your cake ensuring they are directly behind the car. Once in place put a small amount of white fondant on each lolly stick to attach the car to the flags. The flags will also act as a support to hold the car upright.