Create adorable owls to decorate a range of celebration cakes, cup-cakes, make 3D decorations for cake top decoration designs and much more. Everything you need is in this lovely set which includes 1 large ‘mummy’ owl cutter and 1 small ‘baby’ owl cutter. Each cutter also has an accompanying strip containing the beak, feet, wings, tummy panel and eyes to decorate both sizes of owls. Made from food grade plastic with smooth yet sharp cutting edges and comes with the FMM products lifetime guarantee.

  • FMM Mummy & Baby Owl Cutters
  • FMM More than a Bird House
  • FMM Hearts (set of 4)
  • FMM Impression Mat Set 1
  • FMM Small Blossom 1-3
  • FMM Ejector/Plunger
  • FMM Dab-a-Dust
  • Non - Stick Mat & None Stick Rolling Pin
  • Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Beige & White Modelling Paste
  • Water & Paintbrush (edible glue if you prefer)
  • 2 tier cake & cake board covered in white fondant with ribbon
  • Edible white paint or tiny balls of white fondant


  • Always read the project sheet in full before starting your cake!
  • To make your own modelling paste, add a little tylo to your fondant.
  • Allow your modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to your cake.
  • If your modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use your FMM Dab-a-Dust.

To Make the Birdhouse

  • Roll out pink modelling paste. Place the wood Grain Impression Mat on top and apply pressure with your hand to emboss the paste. Using the More than a Bird House Cutter to make the bird house, cut out two of panel 1 and two of panel 4 in pink modelling paste. Dry for at least 48 hours.
  • Roll out blue modelling paste. Place the Brick Impression Mat on top and apply pressure with your hand to emboss the paste. Using the Bird House Cutter to make the bird house, cut out 2 of panel 3 in blue modelling paste. To make the base, emboss another piece of blue modelling paste with FMM Wood Grain Impression Mat and cut out 1 panel using cutter 3. Dry for at least 48 hours.

To Make the Owls

  • Cut out 3 Mummy Owls & 7 baby Owls in beige modelling paste. Put to one side while you cut out the pieces to decorate the owls.
  • Each owl has an accompanying cutter strip. The larger one is for Mummy Owl and the smaller one is for the Baby Owl. Starting with the Mummy Owl, cut out 3 green tummy sections, 6 pink wings, 6 whites for the eyes, 3 blue beaks, 3 blue feet and 6 black pupils for the eyes. Put to one side.
  • To decorate the Baby Owls cut out 3 blue tummy sections, 3 pink tummy sections, 1 green tummy section, 4 blue beaks, 3 pink beaks, 12 green wings, 2 pink wings, 12 green feet, 2 blue feet, 14 white large circles for the eyes and 14 black small circles for the pupils. Put to one side.
  • Start to assemble the Mummy Owls. Attach the decorations with water to the Mummy Owl cut outs you made earlier. Repeat this process for the Baby Owls, refer to the photograph of the cake for colour co-ordinations, note one of these Baby Owls is for the top of the cake.
  • Once the owls are assembled attach them to the bottom tier of the cake with water. Attach them in groups of three i.e. Mummy Owl in the centre and 1 baby owl on each side. Space them equally around the cake. Refer to the cake photograph. Note the small owl with pink wings will be attached to the top of your cake. Allow 24 hours for this owl to dry completely. Refer to the photograph of the cake for colour co-ordinations.

Assemble the Hearts

  • To decorate the top tier of the cake, using the Heart Cutter set. Cut out 1 large green heart, 1 of the 2nd smallest heart in pink and 2 in green. Cut out 2 blue, 2 pink hearts and 1 in green using the 3rd largest heart cutter. Allow them to dry off a little.
  • Attach the 2nd smallest pink heart to the larger green heart with water. Attach the blue, green and pink hearts to the cake with water. Refer to photograph of cake for where to place them.

Assemble the Flowers and Attach

  • Cut out 22 white and 2 pink large blossoms using the Blossom set of 3 and the Ejector/Plunger. Sit to one side to firm.
  • Cut out 2 white, 7 pink, 6 blue, 2 green small circles from the cutter you used to cut out the pupils for the baby owl eyes earlier.
  • Attach the flowers and hearts to the owls with water. You are now going to attach the centre of the flowers. The owls with the green tummies have a pink flower with a white centre. The blue owls have a white flower with a pink centre, the pink owls have a white flower with a blue centre. The green hearts have a white flower with a blue centre. The heart on the bird house has a white flower with a blue centre. Refer to the photograph of the cake.

Final Steps

  • To assemble the bird house, follow the instructions on the packet. Decorate the house with the green heart and white flower and blue centre cut out earlier. Make a bird foot stool in green modelling paste and attach just below the heart on the front of the house.
  • Attach the final baby owl with the pink wings to the front of the bird house and ribbon of your choice around each tier and board.
  • Decorate the eyes of the owls using either white edible paint or tiny balls of white fondant.