Follow these step-by-step instructions to make an Essential Shapes Art Deco Cake

To make modelling paste add some tylo powder to your fondant. Modelling paste should always be rolled to 2mm thickness.

Equipment you will need

  • FMM Essential Shapes Tappit (Diamond & Circle)
  • FMM 5 Petal Rose Cutters 50 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm & 90 mm
  • FMM Knife & Scriber Tool
  • Dab-a-dust if required
  • Non-Stick Board and Rolling Pin
  • 2 Tier Cake Covered in White Fondant on covered drum with ribbon trim
  • Water
  • Paintbrush Modelling Paste, or Flower Paste, Colours Orange, Blue and Light Blue, White
  • Royal Icing


To make an Essential Shapes Art Deco Cake

  • Roll out your orange modelling paste in a long vertical strip approximately 45 mm wide. Cut out 73 x 38 mm diamonds.
  • Roll out your blue and light blue modelling paste in a long vertical strip approximately 45 mm wide. Cut out 37 x 38 mm diamonds of each colour.
  • Cut each of your diamonds in half lengthways with your FMM knife & Scriber Tool.
  • Practise the pattern on your work surface first: The orange diamonds are placed together by the shortest sides of your shapes. They create a similar shape to a triangle with a piece missing from the centre. On the left hand side of your orange modelling paste match the longest side of your blue modelling paste, and then on the right hand side of the orange modelling paste attach the lighter blue modelling paste shapes.
  • Attaching the pattern to your cake: Starting in the centre of the bottom tier of your cake, attach the shapes to your cake with water starting with the orange shapes. Then as explained in step 4 attach the blue modelling paste on one side then the lighter blue on the other. Keep working each side of your central point so your join will be at the back of your cake.
  • Once you have completed your first row start a new row above, again starting in the centre. This time starting with your blue and light blue modelling paste and again working each side. Continue for 3 rows.
  • Continue this method for a single row on the top tier of your cake.
  • To make the flower for your cake roll our your blue, light blue and orange modelling paste. Using your 5 Petal Rose Cutters cut out your shapes as follows: Blue 90 mm, orange 75 mm and 50 mm, lighter blue 65 mm.
  • Roll out your white modelling paste and cut out a 15 mm circle.
  • Lay your largest flower shape flat on your work surface and wet the centre. Place your next size down flower on top and continue the same process until you have a blue and orange flower. (See picture). Secure your white circle in the centre with water.
  • Leave your flower to dry overnight.
  • Secure the flower to your cake with some royal icing.