Not all of your clay creations need to be sealed, however it can be a fairly easy process, and if you want your piece to last for a long time there several options that may help. Firstly ensure that your product is completely dry, in some cases this can take up to 72 hours, also it’s wise to test your sealant first before you cover your work of art to make sure it doesn’t have a negative effect.

You can create a simple sealant by using watered down PVA glue, once your Bright & Light Air Drying Clay is dry apply this and it will give you clay a shiny finish and protect it, ensuring your piece will last.

A good shop brought glaze such as Mod Podge can work well, and there are a selection of varnishes on the market that you can find online or in your local craft store. A varnish is a light coat that comes in semi gloss and matte finishes. Most are not waterproof but varnishes are really used to help with the finishing touch to your work.

Some people use floor polish as a varnish and say that it works well with their projects, sometimes it’s worth trying to use something you may have lying around the house to see if it works for you!

Using a waterproof sealers on your project will protect it from water and/or heat damage. When looking for a waterproof sealer, make sure that it says water based as that is what makes it ‘waterproof’. Use a thin layer when coating and let dry before adding a second coat.

Always remember to let your pieces dry before handling them, and when using gloss or varnish use in a well ventilated room or area.