Equipment You Will Need

  • Fmm Just Married
  • FMM Gingerbread People Set
  • FMM Easiest Bunting Set
  • FMM Gift Tag Set
  • FMM Dab-A-Dust (If Required)
  • FMM Child’s Play
  • FMM Essential Shapes
  • FMM Cute Car
  • FMM Knife And Scriber Tool
  • Non Stick Mat & Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • White, Red, Blue, Black, White, Ginger And Yellow Modelling Paste
  • Water & Paintbrush
  • 5 Cupcakes With Buttercream Swirls

Hints & Tips

  • Always read the project sheet in full before starting your cake!
  • To make your own modelling paste, add a little tylo to your fondant.
  • Allow the modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to your cake.
  • If your modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use your FMM Dab-a-Dust for dusting with cornflour or icing sugar.

Make The Bride & Groom

  • Roll out nude coloured modelling paste and using the large cutter from the set cut out 2 people. Create a face by attaching black sugar balls for eyes and using the large frilling tool to emboss a smile.
  • Roll out dark pink modelling paste and cut out 3 large bows. Roll out black modelling paste and using the decorating strip cut out a large waistcoat. Using the large gingerbread people cutter and black modelling paste cut out the feet section.
  • Using the large gingerbread people cutter and grey modelling paste cut out the legs section only (from the waist). Cut the grey modelling paste to size to make trousers and do the same for the shoes. Attach the waistcoat to the groom with water then attach 1 of the pink bows around the neck.
  • Attach 2 white edible sugar balls below the bow with water. Use white modelling paste to cut out strips to make sleeves each side of the waistcoat. Attach with water. See photo for reference. Roll out white modelling paste and cut out a dress using the large decorating strip. Attach a bow at the neck and 3 white sugar balls below it. Attach a bow on the brides head. Attach all decorations with water. Allow the bride and groom to dry completely. (Prepare 24 hours in advance).

To Make The Married Inscription

  • Roll out pink modelling paste. Using the FMM Just Married Cutter cut out the Just Married Inscription and remove any excess paste Allow to dry for a few minutes.

To Make Bunting

  • Roll out pink, blue and green modelling paste. Using the FMM Easiest Bunting cutter cut out 7 blue, 7 green and 7 pink bunting shapes. Allow to dry off a little.

To Make The Decorations

  • Using the small decorating strip from the FMM Gift Tag set cut out 14 pink roses and 14 pairs of green rose leaves and 11 blue bows. Using the FMM Childs Play Tappit cut out 3 balloons, 1 green, 1 pink and 1 blue. Use the FMM Essential Shapes to cut out small white circles to decorate the green bunting. Cut out 3 small hearts using the hearts that are removed from the ‘R’ on the just married inscription.

To Make The Cute Car

  • Roll out blue modelling paste. Attach 4 of the pink roses and green leaves on top and cut out a car. Cut out a pink wheel and cut out blue modelling paste for the inner wheel. Allow it to dry a little.

To Make The Cute Car

  • Secure the dry bride and groom to the top of the cake with royal icing and lolly sticks for support. Secure the Just Married inscription to the front of the middle tier cake with water.
  • Measure around the outside of the top tier of the cake and divide by 3. Place a cocktail stick a small way in the cake all the way round, at each of the 3 points.
  • Knead a small amount of white fondant and place in the sugarcraft gun. Extrude the fondant from the gun through the disc. Drape the white fondant string over the cocktail sticks, allowing it to loop between to make the vines. Secure the fondant with water. Repeat this process for the bottom tier but divide by 4. Remove the cocktail sticks once the string is secure.
  • Attach the bunting to below the strings on the top and bottom tiers. Attach the bunting decorations with water. Blue bows on the pink bunting, roses with leaves on the blue bunting and white dots on the green bunting. Attach the pink hearts on the points of the bunting string loops on the top tiers and the blue bows on the bottom tier. Refer to photo.
  • Attach a pink rose with leaves each side of the Just Married inscription.
  • Attach the car to the bottom tier with water and attach the balloons behind. Use edible pink pen to draw balloon strings.
  • Attach a rose with leave on the brides and grooms hands where they meet.
  • Finally give the bride and groom rosy cheeks with pink edible dust and a dry brush.