Equipment You Will Need

  • FMM Mummy & Baby Hippopotamus Cutters
  • FMM Knife & Scriber Tool
  • Non Stick Mat and Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • Grey, Blue & pink Modelling Paste
  • White fondant
  • Water & Paintbrush (edible glue if you prefer)
  • Sugarcraft Gun & Disc with medium hole
  • 6” x 7” 1 tier cake & cake board covered in white fondant with pink ribbon
  • Black Sugar Balls, Edible Pen - Black Edible
  • Dust Pink & Paintbrush
  • Lollipop Stick(s)
h3>Hints & Tips
  • Always read the project sheet in full before starting your cake!
  • To make your own modelling paste, add a little tylo to your fondant.
  • Allow the modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to your cake.
  • If your modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use your FMM Dab-a-Dust for dusting with cornflour or icing sugar.

To Make the Hippos

  • Roll out grey, blue and pink modelling paste. Place the mummy hippo cutter on top of the grey modelling paste and cut out 2 large bodies and 2 large heads. Place the baby hippo on the blue modelling paste and cut out 2 baby hippo bodies and 2 heads. Repeat this for the pink modelling paste.
  • Use the FMM Knife and Scriber tool to emboss 2 small holes to represent a nose and attach the sugar edible balls with water to represent eyes. Roll out white modelling paste and cut out small white squares to represent teeth with your knife and scriber tool. Make small tails with the appropriate colour modelling paste. Attach all decorations with water or edible glue. Allow 1 of the large hippos to dry completely on a piece of foam.
  • Attach the hippos to the bottom of your cake with water or edible glue.
  • Once the hippos are completely dry use the edible pen to draw eyebrows and dust the face with pink edible dust to create rosy cheeks.

To Make the Bunting

  • Measure around the outside of the cake and divide by 4. Place a cocktail stick a small way in the cake all the way round.
  • Knead a small amount of white fondant and place in the sugarcraft gun. Extrude the fondant from the gun through the disc. Drape the white fondant string over the cocktail sticks, allowing it to loop between to make the string for the bunting. Secure the fondant with water.
  • Roll out grey, pink and blue modelling paste and cut out 4 grey heads, 4 pink heads and 4 blue heads. Decorate as described in 2.
  • Attach the decorated hippo below the string of fondant with water or edible glue to make bunting. Once the large hippos are completely dry they can be secured to the top of the cake. Insert lolly stick discreetly behind the hippos and secure with fondant.