FMM Equipment you will need:

  • FMM Daphne Cutter
  • FMM Ejector Plunger
  • FMM Multi Ribbon Tool
  • FMM Impression Mats Set 4 (Star design)
  • FMM Hearts (27 x 29mm)
  • FMM Dab-a-Dust
  • FMM Alphabet Cutters Uppercase & Lower

Other Equipment you will need:

  • 4 cupcakes topped with a small amount of buttercream
  • Foam Dome Formers
  • 78mm Round Pastry cutter
  • 2mm edible pearls - white
  • Edible glue
  • Small brush


To colour your sugar / modelling paste you will need very small amounts of the following to achieve the pastel shades:

Baby Blue, Purple and Pink Pro - gel.

  • Approximately 100g sugarpaste coloured blue - leave a small amount white
  • Approximately 30g modelling paste coloured lilac
  • Approximately 30g modelling paste coloured pink
  • Step-by-step

    Roll out the blue coloured sugarpaste, using your dab-a-dust to ensure it doesn’t stick. It needs to be between 3-4mm thick making sure it is large enough to cut 4 circles.

    Use the impression mat to emboss the pattern on one half of the sugarpaste and cut out two circles. Cut two further circles from the plain sugarpaste. Put these discs on the dome formers to harden slightly.

    Roll out lilac paste to between 1 - 2mm thick. Cut out letters to spell out Mum and 20 Daphne Flowers, adding a pearl to each centre with edible glue. Set to one side.

    Then do the same with pink paste, also cut a large heart and cover with 12 of the flowers set these aside.

    Place your 4 blue domed circles onto your cupcakes.

    Roll the remaining white paste to approximately 2-3mm, cut two circles and emboss with the impression mat. Use the Multi Ribbon cutter, with one large and small spacer to cut a length across the middle of the circle. Fix these in place across the centre of the plain.

    Place the lilac letters across one white strip and add a pink flower to either side then the pink letters across the other strip, lining both edges with a total of 12 flowers.

    On the embossed cupcakes, place the heart in the middle of one and use the remaining flowers to create a pattern across the top