Equipment You Will Need

  • FMM Essential Shapes Tappit
  • FMM Straight Frill 1-4
  • FMM Rose Petals, Set Of 5
  • FMM Creative Leaves
  • FMM Vending Mats 5-8
  • FMM Ball Tool
  • FMM Firm Foam Former Pad
  • Pale Pink Fondant (approx. 700g)
  • Pale Pink Flowerpaste (approx. 60g)
  • Black Modelling Paste Or 50/50 Mix (approx. 100g)
  • 28G Wire And Dark Green Floral Tape
  • A Few Black Stamens
  • Pink Petal Dust

Hints & Tips

  • Always read the project sheet in full before starting your cake!
  • To make your own modelling paste, add a little tylo to your fondant.
  • Allow the modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to your cake.
  • If your modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use your FMM Dab-a-Dust for dusting with cornflour or icing sugar.

To Make The Flower

  • Follow the method below, using the Rose Petal Cutters, to make: 5 x 30mm Petal (RP2), 6 x 35mm Petal (RP2A), 7 x 45mm Petal (RP3).
  • Roll out the pink flowerpaste to around 1mm thickness. Cut the petal out, place onto the Firm Foam Former Pad and use the Ball Tool to thin the edges.
  • Use the petal shape from Veining Mats 5-8, pressing it firmly onto the petal to impress the veined texture. Cut the wire to approx. 6cm long and Insert into each petal using a little water.
  • Place each petal onto a table spoon to dry, so it dries with a cupped shape and slightly frilly edge. Dry overnight.
  • Once dry, use a clean brush and a little petal dust to give the petals a slightly darker hue towards the base of each petal.
  • Cut the floral tape to 1/3 its width and tape the stamens to a piece of wire.
  • Starting with the five smallest petals, use the floral tape to attach them to the centre, working round in a circle and attaching them one by one. Increase the size, using the six medium petals next and finally the seven largest petals. Arrange them so that the petals sit naturally around the centre.
  • Roll out some black paste and use the longest shape from the Creative Leaves set to cut three leaves. Leave to dry, again shaping the leaves on a couple of spoons or similar.

To Decorate The Cake

  • Cover your cake and board in pale pink icing. Use the POLKA 4 Press Ice to carefully mark out the pattern, starting at the back and working around the cake.
  • Roll out some black modelling paste and use the Straight Frill cutter to make a boarder. Use a little water to stick it onto the cake.
  • Roll out some more black paste and begin cutting circles with the Essential Shapes Tappit - for this design we have used the smallest size. With a little water, stick the circles over the marks made by the Press Ice, creating an evenly spaced polka dot pattern.


  • To assemble, you can use a posy pick to insert the flower into the cake. Alternatively, you place a ball of fondant on top of the cake and insert the wires into that. Additional pieces of fondant can be used to attach the leaves behind and to the side of the flower.