Inspired by the success of ‘The Easiest Rose Ever’, we are delighted to introduce the 'Easiest Carnation Ever'. The set contains two cutters, each one making three sizes of carnations ranging from 30mm to 70mm. These beautiful and elegant flowers add a romantic and elegant touch to any cake.

Equipment you will need:

  • FMM Easiest Carnation Ever
  • FMM Dab-a-Dust
  • Sattina Perfect Paste or 50/50 mix of sugarpaste & modelling paste
  • Non - Stick Mat
  • Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • Edible glue
  • Frilling stick
  • Paint brush
  • 6”, 8” and 10” round deep cakes
  • 15” round silver drum for bottom tier
  • 6’, 8” hardboard cards for middle and top tiers
  • 9 plastic cake dowls
  • 3.5kg of antique lace sugar paste to cover cakes & board

Approximate number of carnations required:

  • 4-5 large, 3-4 medium, 12 small and tiny


Before starting, dust your work surface with cornflour using the dab-a-dust and roll out the paste to approximately 1mm thick. Cut out the carnation and release the paste by pressing out each curve with your finger. Leave the icing to dry for a couple of minutes so that it is easier to handle and frill - a handy hint is to cut out three shapes then by the time the third one is cut, the first one is ready to frill.

Place a frilling tool or cocktail on the edge of the paste and work along all the snipped curves, rolling back and forth to create a frilly edge.

Brush a line of edible glue the length of the paste just above the centre line.

Fold the paste in half lengthways and press firmly along the fold. Brush another line of edible glue along the bottom edge.

Start rolling tightly from one end to create the centre of the carnation.

Stand the carnation upright on your work surface and continue to roll, frilling out the petals as you go. One strip of petals will create a small carnation.

To make a medium carnation, add another strip of petals.

To make a large carnation, add a third strip of petals.

Attaching The Carnations

To attach and angle the carnations on a cake, leave to dry overnight then carefully cut excess paste off the back at a slant. Use edible glue mixed with modelling paste to form a sticky paste which will adhere the carnation firmly in place.

Making Tiny Carnations

If you want to make tiny carnations (this is sometimes handy to fill in any gaps in a spray of flowers), cut out the paste as normal then make a diagonal cut widthways so you are only using half of the of the cutter. Frill and roll as before.

Place the bottom tier on 15” round cake drum, middle tier on 8” round hardboard and top tier on 6” round hardboard. Cover the board and cakes in antique lace sugarpaste and leave overnight before dowelling and assembling. Attach 15mm satin antique lace ribbon and 7mm satin pink ribbon attach around the bottom board.