Follow these step-by-step instructions to make Large Rose Petals.

Please Note - 8”, 6”,4” round cakes and a 10” drum all covered in white sugarpaste. Please note that the drum will be covered after step 1 has been completed.

Equipment you will need

  • FMM Press Ice Polka Tools - 3 | 4 | 5
  • FMM Heart set of 4
  • FMM Small Hearts
  • FMM Ejector
  • FMM Straight Frill set 4
  • FMM Bead cutter 2
  • FMM set of 3 Calyx (using the medium one from the set)
  • FMM Funky lower case
  • FMM Dab-a-Dust
  • FMM Bone tool
  • FMM Firm foam pad
  • Sparkly stamens
  • Red flower paste 300 grams
  • Green flower paste 50 grams
  • Small amount of Royal icing
  • Flower former (apple tray) & edible glue
  • White sugar paste 300 grams
  • Dowelling cut to size


  • Once you have covered the cakes and whilst the sugarpaste is still soft impress each tier with the relevant Press-ice tool as follows: Bottom Tier - Polka 3 Middle Tier - Polka 4 Top Tier - Polka 5. Stack the cakes using dowelling to support and secure in place with a little royal icing, then cover the board. Using white sugarpaste make the beads following the instructions on the packet and place at the base of each tier
  • For the Middle tier, cut out the word love three times and place the word love randomly around this tier taking care to cover some of the holes made by the Press-ice impressions
  • For the Bottom tier using the smaller heart from the set of four cut out 36 hearts and place on the cake whilst still soft (see picture)
  • Cut out a number of small hearts with the ejector and place above and below the hearts you have already put in place. Use the holes previously made by the Press-ice as a guide when positioning the hearts. Continue to cut a number of small hearts from the ejector until sufficient have been made to cover all the holes made on the second tier
  • For the Top tier, using the two small hearts with the ejector cut a number of hearts, place them on the cake covering the holes made by the Press-ice
  • For the decoration around the top and bottom of the cake cut out the heart strip from the straight frill set and carefully place on the cake ensuring that it is facing the right way, (see picture)
  • To make the flowers for the top of the cake, take the small medium and large heart cutters from the heart set of 4 (18x20mm, 27x29mm, 34x36mm). Using the large cutter cut 7 petals, cut 5 medium, and cut 3 small
  • Using green flower paste cut out a calyx using the medium cutter from the set, then place a large heart on the Firm Foam Pad and using the bone tool soften the edges. To make the petal roll the bone tool in the centre of the heart, then pick the petal up and curl both sides back to create an open petal. Continue until all the ‘hearts’ have been softened and cupped. Place on the flower former to dry
  • Apply a little edible glue to the calyx and starting with the large petal overlap on to the calyx until all 7 are in place. Repeat this process working inwards by placing the 5 medium hearts inside the larger ones to create the second layer. For the third layer use the 3 small petals to create the inner part of the flower. Place the sparkly staymens in the centre of each flower
  • Repeat until you have made three flowers and place on top of the cake secure in place using a little flower paste (see picture)