Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a Springtime Party Cake

You will need 8” and 10” cake drum prepard and covered with green Sugarpaste using a small amount of pro gel lime green.

Equipment you will need

  • FMM Bead cutter No 4
  • FMM Straight frill cutter 5-8 (flower)
  • FMM Geometric cutter set (44mm circle, 24x44mm and 34x63mm ovals)
  • FMM Dab-a-Dust
  • FMM Chunky Funky Tappits
  • 250g White modelling paste for colouring
  • Rainbow Dust Pro Gels - orange, yellow, light green, purple, brown, pink, baby blue and lime green
  • baby blue and lime green
  • Edible glue
  • White edible pearls - 2mm and 4mm
  • Lilac ribbon


To make the Springtime Party Cake

  • First cut three lengths out of lime green coloured modelling paste (a deeper shade than the cake) using the straight frill cutter. Attach the first two around the base of your cake using a small amount of edible glue, trim the third to fit the remaining gap and fix in place.
  • Next make the chicks and bunnies - you will need 3 of each. Fix these at even intervals around your cake.

To make the Chick:

  • Roll some yellow paste and use the 44mm circle cutter to make the body and two of the bigger sized hearts for wings
  • Roll out some orange paste and cut 3 small hearts - two for feet and one for the beak
  • Use a craft knife to make two small nicks at the top of the head to form feathers, a ball tool to make indents for the eyes and then roll small balls of black paste and fix them into place with edible glue.

To make the bunny

  • Roll some brown paste and use the 44mm circle cutter to make the head and a large oval, which will form the ears.
  • Roll some pink paste out and cut a medium oval and a small heart.
  • Stick the pink oval on top of the brown one and then cut through the middle lengthways. Fold the tips outwards (see Pic).
  • Roll out some white paste, cut out a large heart and place it upside down near the bottom of the head, use a scriber tool to make indentations for whiskers and stick the small pink heart at the top for a nose.
  • Use the small ball tool to make indentations for eyes and use small balls of black paste to fill them before cutting a tiny square of white paste for the teeth.

    To make the Springtime Party Cake

    • To make the basket, colour some modelling paste brown and cut an 8cmm circle. Cut roughly a quarter off across the top. Now use the bead cutter to form about 6 lengths (Use the Dab-a Dust to tap a small amount of cornflour on the cutter prior to using to help prevent sticking). Fix these in place on your circle, alterating the large beads with small beads in rows - as shown in the picture, and trim the edges.
  • Colour a small amount of modelling paste light yellow, light blue and lilac. Cut approximately 10 blossoms - 5 big, 5 small out of the lilac, blue and yellow paste. Fix edible pearls in the centres and arrange in the basket as shown in the picture.
  • For the handle of the basket roll out two lengths of brown modelling paste approximately 4mm diameter and 20cm in length. Twist them together to make a rope and position on top of the basket to make a curved handle.
  • Colour some modelling paste light pink and use the Chunky Funky Tappits to cut out Springtime 2015 and position them on your cake before fixing in place. Trim you cake drum with the lilac ribbon.