Top Ten Tips by FMM Funcraft

To help you get organised when starting out working with clay we have put together a list of handy tips to help you prepare for success.

  • Before you start lay out some Kraft paper, this will help when cleaning up after you have completed your project
  • Always use a glass mat and non-stick rolling pin to roll out your clay. This prevents sticking and makes the clay easier to work with.
  • Try not to work in a very hot environment as clay will dry very quickly and become unworkable
  • If the air temperature where you are working is hot, cover the clay with a damp piece of kitchen paper to keep in moisture
  • Revive dry clay by adding small amounts of water and knead thoroughly
  • If the clay is too moist leave for a few minutes to dry off slightly
  • Store unused clay in an airtight plastic bag
  • To add colour to white clay, mix in ink or powder by hand before using – Mica powders are really good for this
  • Use cosmic shimmer, acrylic or chalk paint to finished clay products
  • To add colour to the edges of clay petals or leaves brush edges with distress ink